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Special Summer Programs

Join us this summer for "Anxiety Boot Camp!"

Join us this summer for “Anxiety Boot Camp!”

Are you ready for change? There is no better time than the present. Summer provides the perfect opportunity to fight back against your anxiety and commit yourself to change.

Many of our summer programs integrate a unique social component, which can boost treatment motivation and engagement. Meet others like you in our “Anxiety Boot Camp” or summer group therapy offerings.

Here are some of the special programs that we are currently offering:

Anxiety Boot Camp

Are you looking for concentrated, intensive therapy to address symptoms of anxiety? Are you on a “time crunch” looking to reduce your symptoms quickly in order to meet a deadline? Are you interested in completing individual and team-based exposure therapy that is targeted to your symptoms? If so, our “Anxiety Boot Camp” might be right for you.

Anxiety Boot Camp is a new program we are offering that bridges elements of our intensive outpatient program (IOP) with group therapy. This unique program consists of one-on-one intensive therapy sessions that are supplemented with weekly group-based exposure sessions. Group sessions meet weekly, and intensive one-on-one treatment sessions are held several times per week.

This is an outpatient (non-residential) treatment program. Separate boot camps are available for adults, teens, and children with anxiety symptoms. Disorders treated include OCD, panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and specific phobias.

8-Week Therapy Groups

We are also now offering outpatient group therapy for different types of anxiety disorders.  Group sessions provide psycho-education about anxiety and are structured around active behavioral exposures designed to help you reduce your symptoms.

Treatment groups are forming to target the following topics:

  • OCD Treatment Group.
  • Social Anxiety Treatment Group.
  • Hoarding Treatment Group.
  • Panic Disorder Treatment Group.

Prospective group members must be approved prior to joining one of our therapy groups.

If you are interested in getting notified when our next groups launch, feel free to sign up for notifications using the form to the right. We promise to keep your contact information secure and to only send you the types of messages you are interested in receiving.

In addition to the above summer-only options, we also offer the following services year-round:

Individual Therapy

Traditional outpatient therapy includes the same core treatment components as my clinic’s intensive outpatient program, but therapy sessions occur less frequently and are spread out over a longer treatment interval. Sessions may be scheduled weekly or may be held a few times a week.

Traditional outpatient therapy is appropriate for:

  • Adults, teens, or children with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety.
  • Individuals seeking cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or exposure and response prevention (ERP), a specific form of CBT that was developed to treat anxiety.

Free OCD Support Groups

I also offer free monthly support groups for individuals with OCD.  You do not need to be a current patient to attend one of our support group meetings.

See my practice’s events calendar for the dates of upcoming support groups…