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School Related Anxiety


Having trouble transitioning back to school? School-related anxiety can be treated effectively through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Are you ready for school to begin?

If you or your child suffers from severe school related anxiety, academic transitions can quickly become unmanageable. Anxiety can affect even the most capable students and can lead to poor study habits, reduced academic performance, impaired relationships, and even outright school refusal.

School related anxiety can be driven by many different factors, including test anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionism, emetophobia (“vomit phobia”), OCD (including symptoms related to contamination, unwanted sexual thoughts, unwanted violent thoughts, and unwanted amoral thoughts), agoraphobia, and panic disorder.

Treatment can help you address existing problems or overcome small problems before they get out of hand. In cases of severe symptoms, intensive treatment can be helpful for reducing absenteeism and getting you back in the classroom as quickly as possible.

Some of our school related anxiety programs below integrate a unique social component, which can boost treatment motivation and engagement.

Here are some of the school related anxiety programs that we are currently offering…

School Related Anxiety Treatment Options

Anxiety Boot Camp

Are you looking for concentrated, intensive therapy to address symptoms of anxiety? Are you on a “time crunch” looking to reduce your symptoms quickly in order to meet a deadline? Are you interested in completing individual and team-based exposure therapy that is targeted to your symptoms? If so, our “Anxiety Boot Camp” might be right for you.

Anxiety Boot Camp is a new program we are offering that bridges elements of our intensive outpatient program (IOP) with group therapy. This unique program consists of one-on-one intensive therapy sessions that are supplemented with weekly group-based exposure sessions. Group sessions meet weekly, and intensive one-on-one treatment sessions are held several times per week.

This is an outpatient (non-residential) treatment program. Separate boot camps are available for adults, teens, and children with anxiety symptoms. Disorders treated include school related anxiety, OCD, panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety, emetophobia, and other specific phobias.

Intensive Therapy

My practice offers an intensive outpatient treatment program for anxiety that is evidence-based, time-limited, and designed to help you make rapid progress in reducing your symptoms. Separate treatment tracks are available for adults, teens, and children. Our goal is to empower you to stand up to your school related anxiety symptoms and take your life back in the shortest amount of time possible. Intensive outpatient treatment consists of extended therapy sessions that are held multiple times per week.

Read more here.

Individual Therapy

Traditional outpatient therapy includes the same core treatment components as my clinic’s intensive outpatient program, but therapy sessions occur less frequently and are spread out over a longer treatment interval. Sessions may be scheduled weekly or may be held a few times a week.

Traditional outpatient therapy is appropriate for:

  • Adults, teens, or children with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety.
  • Individuals seeking cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or exposure and response prevention (ERP), a specific form of CBT that was developed to treat anxiety.

Free OCD Support Groups

If your school related anxiety is related to OCD, you might consider attending our free OCD support groups.  You do not need to be a current patient to attend one of our support group meetings.

See my events calendar for the dates of upcoming support groups…