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Group Therapy for OCD: Power in Numbers

Group therapy for OCD, Palm Beach Country, Florida

Thanks to all who came our for our first OCD treatment group.

Group Therapy for OCD


Our first OCD treatment group met yesterday, and IMHO, it was an incredible experience. Thank you to all who attended and showed such courage in standing up to their OCD.

I was reminded anew how group therapy for OCD is so different than individual therapy.

OCD wants to separate us from others, to shame us, to make us feel hopeless, defective, and guilty… It wants us to define ourselves on the basis of things we can’t control and forget that we are not our thoughts.

After all, that’s how it maintains its power over us.

Although there is great vulnerability in putting your thoughts out there and saying them aloud in front of others, by doing so, we defy our OCD.

OCD lost a few battles yesterday.

Let’s keep this war going.

For those who missed our group, I hope you can join us next Saturday (8/17) at 1pm for our next session of group therapy for OCD.

Upcoming OCD Treatment Group Meetings

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  1. Wish I could join you guys for your group. Of course, New England to Florida is a long commute!

    I was really happy to learn that you started a group therapy session for OCD. I am lucky to have a local OCD support group that is professionally led and it has been a wonderful part of my recovery. Talking about your OCD fears out loud, with others who understand, really seems to take some of the power of those fears away. I’ve also formed friendships with some of my fellow group members outside of the group, and it is awesome to be able to just casually talk about having OCD with a friend without having to explain everything!

    I wish you and your patients much success with this new group!

  2. IS this an adult or pediatric group? Do you have a teen group

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